Why XMReality native Windows computer application

XMReality offers several desktop applications. Two of them are applications available for download, either to your Windows or Mac computer.

If you would like to run XMReality on your computer, but prefer downloading an application instead of using the browser based version – then the native computer application is a perfect fit for you! You can use your existing XMReality account without any additional cost.

Why is a native desktop application useful?

Run application
The native application is useful for those who wish to run XMReality as an application and not have a browser tab open with XMReality to make and receive calls. This allows you to ensure you always get call notifications, as XMReality runs in the background - perfect for non frequent users. In comparison, using XMReality in  the browser also have advantages (zero down load) but you can easily miss a call if XMReality is not currently open in your tab. 

  • Compatible with XMReality Pointpad for enhanced Hands overlay 
  • The native Windows and Mac desktop application is available for all XMReality users, requires installation 

Download the native desktop application for Windows on our website or from Microsoft store directly.

Download the native desktop application for Mac on our website or from Apple Store directly.

Step by step instruction of how to use XMReality on computer here

How to use XMReality on computer