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XMReality license models

XMReality offers two different license models for different purposes; Seat and Named licenses.

Definitions of license models:

Named user license: A named user license is an exclusive license of rights assigned to a single named software user. The license can only be used by that specific user.

Seat license: A Per-seat license is a software license model based on the number of individual users who have access to a digital service or product. A seat license is a floating license that can be used by different users with the restriction that only one (1) call can be made at a time per seat. A seat license is floating but not concurrent.

  • A seat license is a license that can be shared by multiple users, but only one user can be logged in to one seat at a time, on one device.
  • The available seat licenses can be distributed to different seat pools. Users can then be assigned to the pools. A user can only be assigned to one pool.
  • A domain can have both named (personal) licenses and seat licenses, but a single user can not have both. A user either has a named license or a is assigned to a seat pool (but it is possible to change users from one license model to the other).

The difference between licenses models:

The benefit's for you as a user is that Named licenses allows you to be logged in on several devices at a time, such as desktop, smart phone and glasses. This license models offers large flexibility for more frequent users. Named licenses users don't need to log in and out and will always be available for calls.

The Seat license allows several users to share a license and is aimed to be used in a help desk scenario, where people most probably work in shifts helping customers or colleagues. However, each Seat license allows one person to be logged in at a time and if another person tries to log in, an error message will appear, explaining that the Seat is already occupied.

Seat licenses are only available for Enterprise customers. Read more about XMReality's product plans here.