Overview of XMReality features

This article provides you an overview for the different features within XMReality.

XMReality provides several useful in call features such as Pointers, Pause & Draw, Step-by-step procedures, PDF call documentation, Hands overlay, Share screen, Group call and much more. Find more information below.


The pointer is useful when you'd like to show your counterpart where to focus or which cable to disable. The pointer is available for both the guide and the person being guided.

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Pause, draw & make text annotations

The pause feature allows you to pause a live video stream and then interact on a still image.The drawing feature allows you to make drawings and interact on the shared view. Drawings are available for both guide and the person being guided, if the video is paused. Annotations allows you as a guide to add text boxes and attach it whereever you want in the picture.

This is useful in areas with poor internet connectivity as live video requires more bandwidth than a still image. It also allows the operator on site to move while performing the task and follow instructions.

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Hands overlay

Augmented reality feature to create hand gestures to show how something should be done. It allows you to show how complex actions are performed, point and give directions that are much more effective that with only voice and video. 

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Step-by-step procedures

Step-by-step procedures allow you to conduct recurring tasks with consistency, as checklists will help the call expert to walk through the activity with a structured approach. Perfect for planned activities like remote inspections, audits, acceptance test or training.

Step-by-Step procedure - email

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PDF documentation

PDF reports can be automatically generated from a call to create documentation of a remote task performed.

S-b-S img PDF- mail

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Share screen

Share complete screen, a single window or a tab in your browser. Useful if you would like to share a wiring diagram, assembly drawing or any important material during the call. 

Group calls

Invite up to 20 people into an ongoing call. You can schedule a call or initiate a group call by inviting another XMReality user or inviting someone by using a call link - to an ongoing call. 

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Quick messages

Share quick messages like thumbs up, applause, warning signs, and much more in a call with your counterpart to easily guide. 

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Quick meassages

Content bar

The content bar allows the guide to save several views and easily swap back and forward between different views and the counterparts video stream.

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