How to use XMReality on desktop browser

XMReality offers a web based application for remote support that allows you to log into our solution using a web browser on your computer - no installation required.

If you would like to run XMReality on your computer’s web browser, without installing anything – then this web application is a perfect fit for you! You can use your existing XMReality Enterprise account without any additional cost.

How does it work: step-by-step instruction

1. Open up a tab in an Edge, Chrome or Safari browser
2. Go to
3. Log in to your XMReality Enterprise Account

Once logged in, you can;

  • Call a contact or connect in a call using a Call link
  • Sort your contact by Teams
  • Add new contact by using their email address
  • See call history; previous web calls and app-to-app calls
  • Report issue in app
  • Annotate (make drawings) on shared screen
  • See status on contacts (online/offline)



Connect a Pointpad to use Hands overlay gestures

The Hands Overlay feature allows you to guide anyone using hand gestures and showing how to solve a task. When using a desktop, you need to use a Pointpad to be able to use the Hands overlays feature.

To connect your Pointpad, simply plug it in to your computer and flip the switch in the Web Guide Station left hand side menu. Then you are instantly ready to use Hands overlay feature in a call without any configuration.


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