Why XMReality application for browser

XMReality offers several desktop applications and the web based application for remote support that allows you to log into our solution using a web browser on your computer - no installation required.

If you would like to run XMReality on your computer’s web browser, without installing anything – then this application is a perfect fit for you! You can use your XMReality account for any XMReality application.

Why is XMReality in the browser useful?

No download
XMReality runs on your web browser and does not require any downloads or installation. This makes it quick and easy to get started.

Any operating system
XMReality's browser application opens up for using the solution with multiple operating systems as it could be used on any android based web browser (Edge, Chrome, and more). XMReality can be used on both Mac and Windows computers.

  • Runs in any browser without installing any software
  • Compatible with XMReality Pointpad for enhanced Hands overlay 
  • Web Guide Station is available for all Enterprise users and no installation or activation required.

You can login to Web Guide Station here: https://guidestation.xmreality.com

Step by step instruction of how to use XMReality on computer here

How to use XMReality on computer