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What is a Team how should I use it?

As a Domain admin you can arrange your users into different Teams within the Web Admin Portal. The teams concept allows you to populate contact lists for users and filter statistics based on groups of people.

Why should I create XMReality Teams?

There are 2 major reasons for you to create Teams in XMReality.

First of all, Teams are a mechanism of populating users contact list, which means that all users that are part of a specific team, will automatically pop up in each others Contact lists. 

Secondly, you can filter call data in the Web Admin portal on specific Teams which allows you you follow up the usage for different group of people.

The Team concept

Teams are a mechanism of populating the users’ contact lists. Each user will be able see all the users with whom they have at least 1 team in common. In addition to teams, users can add other users manually to their contact lists by entering their email addresses.

If you have some users that you don’t want to be exposed to all your users, for example if you provide user accounts to external customers or suppliers, then you can place those users in separate teams and only place the users that they need access to in those teams.

How do I create Teams?

As a Domain admin you can arrange your Users into different Teams within the Admin Portal. Note that a User can be part of several Teams.

Artboard – 2

Manage Teams in the Web Admin Portal.

1. You can see how many users that are part of a Team

2. You can Add unlimited numbers of new teams


On the Teams tab you can see and manage all the Teams on your domain. Users can be members of multiple Teams.

Clicking on a Team (1) will expand it and show all the members of the Team along with buttons for adding and removing team members, and renaming and deleting the team.

New Teams can be added either by using the Add New Team (2) button in the left panel, or by CSV import. The Import teams (CSV) button opens a dialog with instructions for the CSV format.

Export teams (4) will save your current teams as a CSV file.

How will Teams affect users?

In the Remote Guidance application, the user will see all contacts that are part of the same Team, by default. The User can filter on different Teams to chose a single or several Teams to display contacts from.

Artboard – 3

A User's contact list (Team).

Publish custom instruction sets for Teams

You can create custom instruction sets in the Admin portal, and distribute them either to all Users or specific Team(s).  

How can I use Teams to filter call data?

In the Web Admin Portal you can filter call data based on Teams.

Enter the Statistics tab and choose if you' would like to filter your data by Teams, License Model, or specific Users (1). You can then choose one or more values; such as several Teams. Choose the Time period (2) and press apply. The graphs will then adjust based on your chosen filters.

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XMReality recommends you to have one large corporate team that all users are part off. This enables users to easily search for other XMReality users within the mobile and desktop applications.

In addition, use Teams to split regions, departments or responsibilities. In practice, all users should then be part of at least 2 teams; the large corporate team and also the smaller team.