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What is a call link and how do I create one?

We often get questions around app-to-app calls and web calls; what is the difference?

What is a Call link?

You could either start a call by calling a Contact (usually a colleague that also has an XMReality account) or create a Call link. Call links are used to connect with someone that does not have an XMReality account. 

A ‘Call Link’ allows anyone who clicks on it to start a Remote Guidance call with you. You can send this link through different channels such as SMS, email or WhatsUp for example.  The recipient does not need to have an account, they don’t need to install anything, nor do they have to enter any information to start the call. In other words, all they need is to open the link on a modern mobile device web browser and click "Start call".


Create a call link - in mobile - KC

How do I create a Call link?

As a first step, you go to the Call link tab in the XMReality application. Then enter a Recipient name and press Create Call link. You can then chose to a Share link either by SMS or copy the link to share via another preferred channel for example email. If sharing the call link via SMS, directly from the tool by using XMReality’s SMS service, there's no extra cost.

When the recipient taps the ‘Call Link’ it will open up in their browser and they will be asked to allow access to the camera and microphone. Once that’s done, they just tap the call button and your device will ring. Finally, at the moment you accept the call, their camera will be streamed to your screen and you can start guiding them.


Create call link in WGS