VPN tunnels for XMReality

XMReality recommends split-tunnel VPNs to avoid tunnelling XMReality calls through a VPN.

Recommendation: Implement split-tunnel VPN

Split tunnelling means that when a user is connected to your corporate VPN, traffic for XMReality does not go through the VPN tunnel, but instead goes directly to other call participants or to XMReality infrastructure. This is highly recommended to improve XMReality performance and user experience.

Bypassing corporate VPNs will have a positive impact on XMReality video and audio quality and reduces load on your organisations VPN devices and network. Also, VPNs are typically not designed or configured to provide high quality transport of real-time media such as audio and video. They also often do not support UDP traffic, forcing XMReality to use TCP based connectivity which further reduces video and audio quality and introduces additional latency into the conversation.

Split tunnelling is supported by most enterprise VPN platforms, and can often either be set up based on FQDN (fully qualified domain name) or IP addresses. Up-to-date XMReality addresses are provided in the technical description available to all customers.