Voice commands for RealWear

RealWear glasses are voice controlled and there are some commands that are useful to keep in mind when using XMReality.

XMReality supports RealWear glasses, such as Navigator 500, HMT-1, HMT-1 Z1. These devices requires a certain XMReality application that you can download here.

The RealWear glasses are voice controlled, which means that you say what you want to navigate to.

  • For example, “My Programs”, “XMReality”, “Accept Call”, “Open Menu”
  • You can always say Navigate Home to get back to the home page,
    just like the “middle button” on an Android.
  • If you ever get stuck, you can say Show Help to bring up a list of global and currently available commands.

Useful voice commands:

  • My programs – Say this from the starting screen to get into the application library.
  • Navigate back – Go one step back in menus etc
  • Navigate home - helps you navigate back to the start menu
  • Show help – Brings up a menu that shows you available commands and tips for what you can do next
  • Select item # – “Clicks” on the item that corresponds to the # you say. Look for little circles with numbers in that shows up on most places where you can click in the interface
  • Open “XMReality 6” - To open the XMReality application
  • Call contact x - Allow you to call the specific XMReality contact
  • Mute Microphone - if you need to mute the microphone on your glasses
  • Page Up / Page Down - helps you to navigate up & down in the lists
  • Recent Applications - to fins the recent applications used on your RealWear's
  • More -> Report issue -> Submit - automatically create support ticket to XMReality incl technical call log. After saying "report issue"  you need to enter a Description.