1. Admin & IT

User management

In the administration portal, you can easily administrate users.

Add new contact or create new user

There's often a confusion about creating a new user and adding a new contact;

  • Creating a new XMReality user done by Domain admin's in the Admin Portal. This means a person will be allocated an XMReality license.
  • Adding a new contact to your contact list could be done from the XMReality Remote Guidance applications - this makes it easier to give your colleague a call.


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The Users tab shows all the users on your domain and their settings. User will be sorted by All Users, Named licenses and potential Seat Pools if your contract includes Seat licenses.

You can multi-select user to do bulk adjustments in Users license settings. With multiple users selected, a colored bar with a button with three dots will appear at the top of the list. Click this button to see the available actions on the selected users.

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Invite userArtboard – 7

Users can be added in two different ways:

  1. Invite user. With this option you simply specify an email address and which Team or Teams you wish to invite the user to, and the user will be sent an email with a link to where the User can provide their name, select a password, and sign up. We often recommend using this option!
  2. Add user. This option allows you to specify everything about the user beforehand and will create the user account directly within the system. This does not notify the user that an account has been created.

Multiple users can similarly be added in two ways using CSV files.


To invite a user:

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1. Go to the Users tab

2. Click Invite user

3. Enter the user’s email address

4. Select any Team(s) the user should be a member of in the Teams drop down menu

5. Chose License model (only possible if you have purchased both Seat and Named licenses)

6. Chose Authentication method (XMReality provides Federated login as an add on)

7. Click Invite user

The user has now been sent an email invitation and will show up in the user list once they have created their account.

For an external user, it is important to keep in mind that they should only be included in the team or teams that contain the people you want them to access - as Users can see all XMReality contacts that exist in the same Team as yourself.

Change license model

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It is possible to change the license model of existing user from named license to seat license. Select the user(s) you want to change (1). 

Clicking the button opens the action menu. Select Change license model.

In the subsequent “Change license model” use the dropdowns to change license models and/or move users to different seat pools.

Modifying a user

Enable or disable – If a particular user should not have access to the system, you may choose to disable them. A disabled user cannot log in to the application, and cannot be called by or receive messages from other users. The user’s data remain in the system, along with chat logs and such, so that everything is still in place for when they are re-enabled.

User Role - The user’s role determines their privileges in the system. There are two different roles; Domain Admin and User.

Send reset password email - If a user needs a new password, you can send them a password reset email, which disables their current password and makes them select a new one by following a link in the email.