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  2. Download and update XMReality

How to update the software on my device

XMReality's software supports usage on Smartphone, Tablets, Windows Client, Web Guide Station and Smart glasses. Let us explain how you make sure you are using the latest version!


XMReality releases updates with both new features and continuous improvements of the software regularly.

Smartphone and tablets

Mobile applications are downloaded from Play store/AppStore and updates can be found there. Depending on phone settings, these updates are usually also automatically installed on the phone.

Windows app 

The Windows app can downloaded from Microsoft Store and updates will automatically be pushed to the user's application unless restricted by your organization. 

Desktop browser app 

The desktop app that runs in the web browser automatically updates unless restricted by your browser. 

Smart glasses

APK's for Smartglasses  is downloaded from our downloading page: https://xmreality.com/support/downloads/ and updates will show up on this website.

You can also easily manage updates and versions from Foresight (RealWear) and Vuzix app store.

There will not be any automatic update push for the applications installed on the Smart glasses, which means that you will need to manually update your Smart glasses applications.

However, if you use Foresight, you can easily distribute and push updates for your RealWear devices remote.

More information about XMReality on smart glasses can be found here: Smart glasses.