Step 3: Make a call with XMReality

There are two different ways of connecting to another person when using XMReality; by calling another XMReality user (app-to-app) or by sending a Call link to someone that doesn't have XMReality.

To connect with someone that does not have an XMReality account you can create a Call link. A Call link enables your counterpart to make a call within their web browser, no the need of installing an application.

If the one you want to call have their own XMReality account and application, you can call a contact directly from your contact list

Connect in a web call with someone who do not have an XMReality account 

  1. Choose Create link
  2. Add Recipient name (to be able to track call history after a call i your log).
  3. Select if you would like to Give guidance to the receiver of the link or Get guidance from the receiver.
    • If you select Give guidance, the receivers camera will be automatically shared once the call is started.
    • If you select Get guidance, you will have to share your camera once the call is started.

3. Send the link.
Once created, you will get the option of either sending it out as a text message to the receiver’s phone number or copy the link and send it. The easiest way is to add the phone number and share the link via Send as SMS.

4. Start call.
When the receiver clicks on the link, they will get the question to allow the page to access their camera and microphone. Once they have allowed that, they can click "Start call".

5. Accept call.
You will now receive an incoming call.

If you accept it, you will immediately see what the other person is seeing and can use tools like Pointer, Drawing and even Hands overlay, provided that you have a Pointpad connected. Read more here about different features.

Create call link - desktop

Share a call link from your desktop to connect in a web call

Connect a call to an XMReality user 

  1. Choose contact

    Under contacts you find the recent contacts you have been in an XMReality call with. To find all of your contacts you click All contacts.

    Here you will find all contacts sorted from A-Z, but you can also filter your contacts by team or search for a user. 

  2. Call a contact

When you have found your contact you click it and then click Call to initiate a direct call with that user. 

call contact on desktop

Call a contact on the computer application

contacts mobile - KC

Contacts tab in mobile application

Learn more about Call links here

What is a Call link and how do I create one?