1. Get started

Step 2: Download application and log in

After activating your account, the next step would be to decide which application to use and log in.

To get started with using XMReality, the first step is to activate your account

Once that's done, you can decide which XMReality application you want to use and log in.

Decide which application you want to use

You can find all applications here for download: https://xmreality.com/support/downloads/

XMReality offers several applications for different devices:

  • For desktop there's both a browser-based or the local application that can be downloaded from here
  • Application for Smartphones and tablets that can be found in the app stores, or here
  • Applications for Smart glasses that can either be found through RealWear Foresight, Vuzix App Store or here

Log in

The login window is the first screen that you face when opening the application. This is where you enter your log in credentials and sign in.

You will use the same log in credentials no matter application or device.

Note that your device must be connected to the Internet and be able to reach the server in order to sign in.

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