1. Get started

Step 1: Activate your account

Make sure to activate your account to get started.

To get started, the first step is to activate your account. Your Domain admin should have shared a invitation for XMReality. 

Secondly, you should download the XMReality applications and then you are ready to log in.

1. Activate your account

Find invitation (1)— If you’ve received an invitation e-mail, click the “Join Now” button to open a web browser and create your account. If you can't find the invitation, this might have ended up in your spam or trash inbox.

Create account (2) — In the page that pops up, enter your full name, select a password, and click “Create Account”.

If your account was successfully created, you will be shown a green check mark, and you are ready to download the software.

To learn more about different XMReality applications, move on to step 2 - Download application and log in.