How to show recorded video on mobile

This feature provides you to share a recorded video from your mobile which can be useful in scenarios where you have poor internet connection or need slow-motion functionality.

What is "Show recorded video" on mobile

As part of XMReality's product release Q2 2021, there's a new feature that allows users to show and guide on a recorded video from a mobile application.


How to show recorded video on mobile

When using XMReality's mobile application you can choose to share either your Live Camera Feed, a Picture from your Camera Roll or a  Video from your Camera roll. If you choose Video from Camera roll, you get the option to share a video stored on your phone. 

Show recorded video - mobile

This feature is enabled on both Android and iOS applications and included for all Enterprise accounts.
Note that there's also a possibility to share video or screen when using your desktop, either the Windows client or Web Guide Station


When is this feature useful?

1. When having poor internet connection:
If a technician that is in need of help, is struggling with poor internet connectivity when being on site close to the machine, it will be tricky to perform a remote support call, no matter what video tool that will be used. 

XMReality's feature Show Recorded Video allows you to record a video and then connect in a call when having better internet connection. You can then show your pre-recorded video so that both you and your counterpart can interact by using guidance features such as as pointers, pause and draw and much more.

2. When in need of guidance on slow-motion video:
If working with high-speed machines, such as packaging or production lines, there might be difficult to see and guide on the machine. 

Most smartphones today offers the possibility to record videos in slow-motion and when having a slow-motion pre-recorded video, you could then show this video within your Remote Guidance call so that both you and your counterpart easier could see what's going on when troubleshooting an issue on a machine.