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How to schedule a call from Outlook

XMReality provides a Microsoft Outlook add-in that allows you to schedule an XMReality session from your Outlook calendar.

XMReality lets you create and share a call link for either ad hoc or planned sessions. Creating a link can be done from inside XMReality's apps, but also from inside Microsoft Outlook, using the XMReality Outlook add-in. 

Outlook plugin

How to schedule an XMReality session from Outlook

To schedule an XMReality session from inside Outlook, first get the XMReality Outlook add-in and then create session links from your calendar invites.

1. Install the XMReality Outlook add-in

Get the XMReality Outlook add-in from Microsoft AppSource. Click Get it now to download the add-in.

2. Create and share call link
With the add-in you can easily add an XMReality session web link to an Outlook meeting invite.

a) Create a new meeting invite in the Outlook calendar

b) Set the meeting title and date/time

c) Press the XMReality icon in the toolbar, which will bring up a sidebar to the right (steps 1 and 2)

Singular version w. numbers 1

outlook plugin - step 2

d) In the sidebar, sign-in with your XMReality account

e) Press "Add XMReality link" (step 3)

Outlook plugin - step 3

If you change the Outlook calendar meeting time or title, you should create a new XMReality link (press Remove link, and then Add XMReality link again). If you don't, the link will still work but the title and/or start-time will be incorrect.


Note, if you're instead using the XMReality desktop app to schedule a call, you can create either a Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar invite with one click. Learn how to do it in How to schedule a call in XMReality.

Read more about call links in What is a call link