Get started with RealWear Foresight (MDM)

Update your RealWear glasses remotely and wireless is useful when having several smart glasses devices spread around at different sites and factories.

NoteYou can manage applications on RealWear glasses either via Foresight (an MDM system for easier global management) or via the app directly by using RealWear Explorer.

Foresight allows you to update applications on several glasses remotely at a time, which is very useful if your glasses are spread out widely. You can also manage the app version quickly via RealWear Explorer, by attaching a cable to your glasses.

Step-by-step: How to get started with Foresight

1. Create Foresight account

  • Enter RealWear Foresight website and Create your account (it often takes 1 day to get it activated)
  • You will get an welcome email to finalize the activation

2. Login

  • Login on your Foresight account

3. Follow the Foresight manual 

  • You can find the latest Foresight manual on RealWear Foresight website
  • Follow the manual to Add devices, Add apps, Updates Apps and much more

Note: It's important to have your RealWear device serial number when you'd like to add the device into Foresight