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How to use quick messages

In-call quick messages allows you to easily communicate with your counterpart and the annotation will appear only for a few seconds.

Quick messages

XMReality offers different options for messaging within an ongoing call, text overlay and quick messages. When sending a quick message it will appear in the middle of the screen in the call for all participants during a few seconds. 

quick messages

How to use quick messages

You can use two different ways to send a quick messages in the call, either a symbol or a short text message.

Either you press the thumbs up icon and choose the quick message you'd like to send to your counterpart, or you use keyboard shortcuts. By pressing the Q button on your keyboard, the quick message bar will open and a symbol can be sent by pressing the key displayed under it. For example, if you press Q followed by 1 you will send a thumbs up. 

If you click the keyboard icon to the far right or press 0, you will be able to write a short text message to send as a quick message. 

Quick messages will not be stored in screenshots or recordings. Web-users can only see (not share) quick messages but app-users can also send quick messages.

When is quick messages useful?

If you experience language barriers it's useful to send a quick message to easily communicate in any conditions. You can quickly inform the counterpart if they are doing the right things and adjust their execution with a thumb up, warning triangle or other quick message icons.

If the person being guided is about to conduct a task in the wrong way, remove wrong cable or touch the wrong button, the guide can quickly send a warning triangle to interrupt the move. In addition, the right or left arrows can be used to easily visualize in what direction the guide would like its counterpart to redirect the camera.

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