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How to buy more licenses?

Licenses for XMReality's online plans - Professional and Professional Plus - can be managed by your own admin entirely online.

To buy more Professional or Professional Plus licenses - step by step: 

Has to be done by the administrator for the domain. 

1. Log in to guidestation.xmreality.com 

2. Press the three dots next to your name

3. Press "Buy more licenses". This will take you to the shop

4. Choose how many licenses you wish to buy and (follow the checkout steps in the shop). 

5. The number of licenses will be updated instantly. 

6. You can now invite more people to your XMReality domain. Read the step by step on how to invite someone to join XMReality here

To buy more Enterprise licences

To buy more licenses for an Enterprise account contact your Account manager directly or reach to our customer experience team at customerexperience@xmreality.com