Proxy servers for XMReality

XMReality recommends bypassing proxies for performance reasons, but supports connecting through proxies if that is the only option.

Not using a proxy server is highly recommended

XMReality strongly recommends bypassing proxies for your calls. Proxies do not make XMReality calls more secure, as all audio and video sent in an XMReality call is already encrypted and secure. And having a proxy introduces performance related issues that cause a negative user experience.

Proxies create performance issues both because they add another step that audio and video need to pass through between sender and receiver, and because they force XMReality to use TCP based connectivity instead of UDP based connectivity. The additional step and the change to TCP based connectivity reduces video and audio quality and introduces additional latency into the conversation. 

The recommendation to bypass proxies is common for most real-time audio and video software, and is not specific to XMReality.

If you need to use a proxy server

If your organisation cannot bypass proxies XMReality can connect through a proxy, but the above mentioned performance degradations need to be kept in mind.