1. Integrations

Outlook integration

XMReality's Outlook calendar add in allows users you easily schedule calls directly from Outlook.

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Why is this useful?

1. One platform
XMReality's integration to Outlook (365) allows users to share a Remote Guidance call link via Outlook and easily create a calendar invite for future call session. By using the Outlook-XMReality integration, users can directly schedule a XMReality-call via  Outlook and do not need to open XMReality separately to share call links. This will reduce the number of clicks and enables XMReality Remote Guidance usage at a larger scale.


2. Time management in Outlook calendar
See and manage XMReality in Outlook, one of your daily used tools, makes it easier to keep track of your future sessions. This will allow you to easier plan a session based upon your availability and to make sure you don't miss out on an important event.


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