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How to make a call by scanning a QR code

Make it easier for someone to connect with an expert by attaching a QR code to a machine or piece of equipment.

How to create an XMReality call QR code

XMReality call QR codes are standard QR codes that contain an XMReality-specific URL, which is a deep link to the XMReality app. To create a call QR code, you first need to define the URL to make the call and then create a QR code containing this URL.

1. Define the URL

XMReality call URLs follow the structure xmr://v1/call/[email]. Note that the @ sign in the email address needs to be replaced by %40 in a URL. For example, the URL to make an XMReality call to user support@xmreality.com is xmr://v1/call/support%40xmreality.com

2. Create the QR code

Now that you have the URL, you can create a QR code using any standard QR code generator. The below example QR code is created using the free tool qr.io.



How to make a call by scanning a QR code

As an XMReality user, with the XMReality app installed on your device, simply scan an XMReality call QR code using your device's camera or a QR code reader. This will open the XMReality app on that same device, and automatically make a call to the person connected with the QR code.