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  2. Use in-call features

How to invite more people to an ongoing call

Escalate your support session and invite a supervisor or another expert into the call. Group calls allows you to be up to 20 people within a call regardless if they are an XMReality app user or web user.

Step-by-step instruction

A group call can be initiated by first starting a regular call, then inviting participants. Up to 20 participants can join an XMReality Call.

In an ongoing call;

  1. Open the participant list by tapping the button in the top right corner on Mobile. On Desktop, click “Show Options” in the upper left corner.
  2. Tap Add participant
  3. Select Call XMReality User if you want to add a XMReality user to the call. If you want to add a participant that is not a registered XMReality user use Invite by Link, this option will create a Call Link that when opened will allow the recipient to join the call from their web browser.


Group call

Who can use group calls?

Anyone with an XMReality account can invite more participants to the call, either other XMReality users or web users by sharing a call link.

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