How to use XMReality on RealWear

Learn more about how to use XMReality on RealWear's in this article.

RealWear glasses are voice controlled and after you've connected your RealWear's to internet and downloaded the XMReality application, it's time to get you started. Below you find the step-by-step instruction.  

How to use XMReality on RealWear's:

1. Starting XMReality on your RealWear's:

  • Go into Programs menu by saying “My programs” while having the RealWear headset mounted on your head
  • Find XMReality to the far right
  • Say either “XMReality 6” or “Select item 15”
    (the number 15 is based on the number of applications you have; you see the actual number in the upper right area of the application icon above)


2. Login in to XMReality

  • To log into XMReality, you can either scan a QR code or log in manually. We recommend using the QR code!
  • The QR could be created within the Mobile application; (1) Login on the Mobile application, (2) Enter your Profile and (3) Create QR Login code


3. Starting XMReality

  • When you have the QR code viewable on your smartphone,
    you can say ”Scan QR login code” for the headset to open the camera and scan the code
  • Once scanned, you will automatically be logged into the account

4. Using XMReality:

  • Once logged in, you can now start and receive calls
  • To call someone, simply say ”Call Contact #” (# is the number seen in the view)
  • If you want to see your contacts, say ”My contacts
  • If you want to change settings, log out or report an issue, say ”Open meny


  • To answer an incoming call, simply say ”Accept”
  • When you accept the call, your camera will automatically be shared
  • From here you can for example say ”Pause Video” and ”Toggle Mute”
  • To end the call, say ”Close call”

Navigate in your RealWear's

  • You can just say what it is that you want to do, but if that for some reason doesn’t work or you are unsure how to say it you use those little circles with item numbers that show up.
  • Simply say ”Select item #”, in this case ”Select Item One” to open the menu. This is global for everything you do while using the headset
  • You can read more here about useful voice commands for navigating your RealWear's