How to use XMReality on Iristick

Learn more about using XMReality on Iristick smart glasses in this article.

Iristick smart glasses are what is commonly known as "phone tethered" which means that the smart glasses are connected to a phone and use the processing power, internet and applications on the phone and displays it in the glasses to make it possible to have a hands free experience. You connect your phone to the battery pack connected to the smart glasses.

The first step to be able to use XMReality on Iristick is to download the XMReality and Iristick services applications from Google Play store. Read more about how you Get started with XMReality on Iristick.

Using XMReality on Iristick 

1. Logging in to XMReality

To use XMReality on Iristick you use the XMReality application, the same application you use to make XMReality calls on your phone without connected smartglasses. You log in to the mobile application with your XMReality account and then you can both make and receive calls on the smart glasses.

It is not possible to use the XMReality web client on smart glasses. The web client is the browser based application that is used when receiving a call link to join an XMReality call.  

2. Using XMReality

To navigate the application and making and receiving calls you use your connected phone to call another XMReality user. 

You can also send a call link, but it aware that the call link recipient has a limited version of XMReality and does not have the full capabilities of controlling the smart glasses that exists in the application (see below). 

Navigating in a call

The expert giving support can control the smart glasses from their side, such as pausing, turning on and off the flashlight and zooming in and out, so that the person wearing the glasses can leverage the hands free experience by putting away your phone and focusing on receiving support and performing the task at hand. If the wearer wish to interact on the screen they can bring out their phone and use the built in XMReality features. 

On the side of the Iristick H1 there is a touch pad which can be used to scroll and select certain features in the application without having to take out you phone. This allows the wearer to turn on their flashlight, pause, mute, zoom, and end the call. The interactive features still require the use of the phone.