How to use XMReality on computer

XMReality offers different remote guidance platforms for desktop users; one is browser based and there are also applications available to download.

Differences of downloaded application and Web Guide Station

Some people prefer to use our a downloaded application on the computer. Others find it beneficial to use browser based applications that does not require any downloads. 

Users can use the same XMReality account for any platform.

The browser based application

Open Web Guide station or your browser (Edge, Chrome or Safari) by using this URL:

The Windows application

Download the Windows application from Microsoft app store or from our website:

The Mac application

Download the Mac application from Apple store store or from our website:



How does XMReality on computer work: step-by-step instruction

1. Open XMReality, either the native application (ensure to download) or in the browser
2. Log in to your XMReality account

Once logged in, you can;

  • See call log
  • Report issue in app
  • Go to our Knowledge center by pressing Help
  • Send a Call link to a nonuser 
  • Call a contact
  • Sort your contacts by Teams
  • Add new contact by using their email address
  • See call history; previous web calls and app-to-app calls
  • See status on contacts (online/offline)
  • Set call settings and enable Pointpad

menu in guidestation


Enable Pointpad to use Hands overlay gestures

The Hands Overlay feature allows you to guide anyone using hand gestures and showing how to solve a task. When using a computer, you need to use a Pointpad to be able to use the Hands overlays feature.

To use your Pointpad, simply plug it in to your computer and flip the switch in the left hand side menu to enable it. This means you are ready to use Hands overlay feature in a call. Before entering a call you can also preview and calibrate the Pointpad to get the best possible image of your hands when using the feature in the call.

pointpad configuration


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