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How to use the pointer

The pointer is one of the easiest tools to use which also makes it a very powerful feature for giving remote guidance.

What is the pointer? 

Basically, the pointer in XMReality is a pointer. All participants in a call can use the pointer, and it can be used at the same time by all parties. When entering a call you all will get different colors of the pointer to easily distinguish between which pointer that belongs to who. When in the call, you are able to change the shape of the pointer between a regular pointer, a circle and a cross. You can also change color of your pointer, for instance if the contrast between the pointer and background is too similar.

How to use the pointer 

  • When you enter a call on a computer or via call link the pointer will automatically be activated when one of the participants are sharing their camera, screen, images or pre-recorded videos 
  • When you enter a call in the mobile application the pointer is not automatically activated. To activate the pointer you open the Tools menu and select the Pointer
  • To use the pointer on computer you simply press and hold the left mouse button and on phone you simply press the screen with your finger

  • Change the shape of the pointer by pressing the pointer icon to the right and choosing a different one 
  • Change the color of the pointer by pressing the round icon with the color of your pointer and choosing a different one

  • On computer, if you pause the video, a two-part icon appears to the right over the pointer shape. There you can switch between the pointer and the draw feature by pressing the icon with a pen for draw or the pointing finger for pointer

Who can use pointer?

Anyone with an XMReality account and also web-users (connected by clicking a call link) can use the pointer, regardless of the device used.

When is the pointer useful? 

Because of its simplicity the pointer can be useful in a wide variety of cases, and what they all have in common is using the pointer can save a lot of time and also bridge language barriers. Just a few examples can be to use the pointer instead of explaining in words a direction or location where you want the counterpart to have a closer look or what a specific tool or part looks like or which part to work on or change or just where to put something.  

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