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How to use pause, draw & annotations

The pause feature allows you to pause a live video stream to interact on a still image and make drawings with the use of the draw tool. You can also make text annotations and attach to picture.

What is pause, draw & text annotations? 

The pause feature provides a way to pause the live video feed and interact on a still image instead of a moving video, and easily turn the camera back on to resume the live feed. It is an in call feature which mean the the paused images only exist in the call until you unpause again and therefore using pause does not equal taking a screenshot. 

The draw feature provides the opportunity to interact on still images with drawings. Draw can be used on paused images as well as when someone is sharing an image from a phone or when sharing a window or tab on computer. 

The text annotation feature allows you to write a text and place it where you want, on the image.

How to use pause, draw & text annotation 


To pause the video you simply press the pause button in the call. For the clearest possible image, make sure the person sharing camera is keeping it as still and steady as possible. If the camera is moving to much the image can become blurry. 


- On computer
  • When you are on a still image in a call, for example when you pause the video, a two-part icon appears to the right over the pointer shape. There you can switch between the pointer and the draw feature by pressing the icon with a pen for draw or the pointing finger for pointer 
  • When the pen is selected the draw feature is active

- On phone

  • To activate the draw feature you open the Tools menu and select Draw
    • On phone it is possible to choose the Draw feature during live video as well. However, if you are not on a still image when choosing the draw feature, the video will be paused and draw feature activated.

- In general

  • By pressing the round icon of a pen with a colored line you get the choice to change color of your pen and adjust the width of your lines with the slide settings
  • Press the icon with a back arrow to undo your latest lines, one by one
  • When activating the camera for live video again the draw feature will also be turned off

Text annotation

When you press the pointer icon in the buttom left corner and select 'Annotate' the draw function is activated.
If you press the text box 'A' you will add a text box in which you can write. You can move the text box around and finish by pressing the check mark. 

Who can you these features?

Anyone with an XMReality account and also web-users (connected by clicking a call link), regardless of the device used, can pause and un-pause the video-stream. All call participants can also make drawings.

Text annotations are available to desktop users.

When are these features useful? 

Pause can be useful as you can quickly film the problem at hand and pause to get a clear image, and as you don't need to keep the phone still you the have the possibility to move around or even putting the phone down to free up both hands. Using a Paused image requires less bandwidth compared to live video stream as well, so this will be useful in "poor internet conditions".

Drawing is useful to highlight something and drawing simple instructions, like how a dial should be turned or which part to be worked on. It works well for giving instructions in loud environments or to bridge language barriers. 

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