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How to use Hands overlay & Pointpad

The Hands overlay feature allows you to provide rich, natural, intuitive instructions using your hands. You can create Hands overlay both from your computer and phone.

What is Hands overlay? 

Hands overlay is a feature that let the guide film their hands or tools and present them in the call over what that the other participant is sharing to give complex instructions in a easy to understand manner. 

How use Hands overlay

- On your computer

1. Activate pointpad by turning Pointpad-toggle on

2. Calibrate pointpad by turning "Preview Hands overlay"-toggle on and use the slide settings to calibrate the settings. 

If you have the first generation pointpad, there are some extra steps for the calibration, you can read more about it here: How to calibrate first generation pointpad (uEye-camera) 

pointpad config in desktop

3. Start call and press the Hand symbol to activate the Hands overlay feature

4. Place your hand between the pointpad's camera and the black surface to overlay your hand gestures into the video view. 

hands overlay on desktop

If you forget to activate the pointpad before the call you can open the sidebar and turning the toggle on. However, you will not be able to calibrate the pointpad when in a call.

- On your smartphone

Before activating the Hands overlay make sure you have access to an evenly colored surface, for example a wall or floor.

1. When being in a call, activate the Hands overlay feature in the tools menu. 

2. Point the camera towards the evenly colored surface and place your hand in between.

As a result, the app will separate your hand from the background and overlay it on the top on the video stream from the other user.

Hands overlay on smartphone - KC


Who can do Hands overlay?

The hands overlay feature can be used by anyone having an XMReality-account (often the guide) regardless is using a phone or a desktop (Pointpad needed for use on desktop). Web call participants (connected via a call link) can see the Hands overlay but not create hand gestures them self.

When is Hands overlay useful? 

Hands overlay can be useful when guiding someone through complex manoeuvres, how to grab, rotate or pull something, without have to go into a detailed explanation on how to preform the task. It is very intuitive to see someone else's hands and follow along in the steps they are making and repeating it yourself. The possibility to bring other objects such as tools into the screen also provide an easy to understand way of showing how to perform a task. It is also a great feature if there are language barriers or noisy environments which means it can be hard to understand or hear each other. Then it means you can still get the full benefit of having an expert help and guide you as it is even more important to be able to show and not tell. 

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