Get started with XMReality on Vuzix

Find information on how to get started, install, update and run XMReality on Vuzix.

There are two ways of installing and updating XMReality on your Vuzix device, through the Vuzix app store or via apk. We recommend the Vuzix app store to keep your device up to date with the latest application updates. 

Vuzix app store

Create account

If you have done this skip to the next step.

Go to and press 'Register' in the top right corner of the page. 

Register device

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Log in to you account. Press 'My Account' and go to 'My Devices'. Here you can find your registered devices. To register a new device press the 'Add New Device' button. 

Select the model of the device you wish to add, a QR code will  Open the 'Scanner' application on you Vuzix device and scan the QR code. 

Note: The M-Series device must be connected to Wi-Fi to complete registration

Installing the application

Search for XMReality in Vuzix app store and go to the app's page. Click 'Add to Library' and select which device you want to download and install XMReality to. 

On your device, go to Settings => Apps and Notifications => Vuzix App Store. Make sure that that the option for "Enable Vuzix App Store" is turned on. 

Scroll down and select 'Check for Pending Actions Now' to prompt the device to install the new application immediately. 

Your device will download and install the selected application as soon as it is connected to wifi. 

For more information visit the Vuzix support website.

Step-by-step to install and run XMReality for Vuzix with apk:

  1. Download the Vuzix-adapted XMReality application from here:
  2. Download and install Vuzix Viewer on your computer
  3. On the Vuzix device, go to Settings -> Connected Devices and make sure that Allow ADB is enabled
  4. Once Vuzix Viewer is installed and ADB enabled, connect the Vuzix to your PC using the attached cable.
  5. Drag the APK file you downloaded in step 1 into the Vuzix viewer window, which will then install XMReality on your Vuzix device. The program will then be installed and can be found in the standard menu
  6. To log in with your XMReality account on Vuzix, the easiest way is to use a QR login code.
    With that code open on your phone, enter XMReality 6 on your Vuzix device and click “Scan QR login code” and turn the camera to the screen with the QR code open
  7. These steps are based on, if something is not working or you want to install in another way, please look at the FAQ page above provided by Vuzix. 

Update to the latest XMReality version

To update your Vuzix device with the latest version of XMReality you follow steps 1-5 above. The latest APK can be downloaded by clicking the link under step 1 or from our downloads website


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