Get started with your RealWear device

XMReality supports RealWear glasses and in this article you can find information on how to wear the glasses and configure internet on your device to get you started.

Below you find information about hardware and fitting and how you connect your device to internet. 

Find out how to install and update XMReality on Realwear with APK here and how you can manage you Realwear devices and install and update XMReality remotely with Realwear Cloud here (previously Realwear Foresight). 

Read more here if you'd like to know more about how to use XMReality on RealWear's and how to navigate by using voice commands

The hardware and fitting:

  • Put on the HMT-1 and wear over your dominant eye
  • Keep the display as close to the eye as possible for the best viewing experience
  • Position the arm into a “Z” shape, just below the line of sight


Connect to WiFi:

To connect to Wifi, there are a few steps: 1. Configure WiFi, 2. Create barcode, 3. Scan barcode with your RealWear glasses. Read the step-by-step instruction below.


1. Configure WiFi:

  • Enter this website from your computer or smartphone:

  • Select Wireless Network setup
  • If you want to set language and time zone you can select First Time Setup

  • Fill in the name of the WiFi as well as the security (usually WPA/WPA2) and password.
  • This information can be provided to you by your IT department if you are unsure

2. Generate barcode:

  • Click Generate Barcode
  • Scan the barcode with your RealWear headset


3. Scan the barcode with your glasses:

  • While at your homepage on the Smartglasses, say “My programs
  • When in the Programs Menu, say “Configuration
  • You will now see the camera and can scan the QR code to enter the WiFi network

  • You can see if it was successfully connecting to WiFi by going back to the home page “Navigate home”
  • Make sure that the correct network shows up here