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How to manage Seat licenses

Seat licenses are commonly used in help desk scenarios, find out here how to manage the seat license and users.

  • A seat license is a license that can be shared by multiple users, but only one user can be logged in to one seat at a time, on one device.
  • The available seat licenses can be distributed to different seat pools. Users can then be assigned to the pools. A user can only be assigned to one pool.
  • A domain can have both named (personal) licenses and seat licenses, but a single user can not have both. A user either has a named license or a is assigned to a seat pool (but it is possible to change users from one license model to the other).

    Artboard – 17

If you have seat licenses in your contract your seat pools will be displayed in the users tab. In this case the domain only has the “Default Seat Pool”. 

Seat Pools

Please note that seat pools only dictate how many seat licenses the users occupy.

They do not control for example what other users are visible in the contact list in the application. This is defined by what Teams the user is assigned to.
Read more about Teams here.

Add a new Seat pool

To create a new Seat Pool, click “Add Seat Pool”.

Version 2

Automatic log off and inactivity

With automatic log off enabled, a user signed in to the pool will be logged out after the set time if they don’t make a call or create a call link.

Each time the user makes a call the timer is reset and started again when the call is finished.

When creating a call link the timer is started again when the link is no longer valid. This way it is not possible for a user to be automatically logged off while waiting for a call from a call link.


Click a seat pool in the list to expand it.

Artboard – 18

Occupied seats (1). User Sven Larsson has now logged in to the XMReality application and is using one of two seat licenses.

If another user logs in, all seats in this pool will be occupied. The next (third) user in the pool will get an error message when logging in saying there are no available seats.

Pool settings (2). Click to change name, number of seat licenses or automatic log off time.

Delete pool (3). This button is disabled as long as there are users in the pool. To delete the pool, first move or remove all users.

Log out (4). Click the button to instantly log out the corresponding user. Logged out users will get a notification on their device that they have been logged out.

Status (5). Here you can see if the logged in user is currently in a call. To get the absolutely latest status, manually refresh the browser window.