Get started with XMReality on Iristick

XMReality supports Iristick glasses and in this article you can find information on how to get started and download the XMReality application.

The view from the smart glasses will be mirrored into the smartphone and the other way around. This means that the smart glasses user can see the same view from it's phone and smart glasses. On the phone, the smart glasses user will also be able to use XMReality's feature set like pointers, draw and much more

Install softwares

When using Iristick glasses you will need to download two applications to your phone; XMReality and Iristick services. The Iristick Services app make sure the XMReality app can use the camera from the glasses when being in a call.

Both of these applications could be downloaded from Google Playstore.

The Iristick Services need following permissions to work:

  • Permission to use Camera and Microphone (changes can be done under Settings -> Apps -> Iristick Services -> Permissions)

In the Iristick Services app, make sure you have chosen following Settings ->

  • Detect pouch
  • Always optimize UI for HUD

Connect the glasses to your phone

Attach the cable between the glasses and your smartphone, and also the USB-C connector between your smartphone and and the pocket unit, according to the manual followed in the smart glasses case. You can read more on Iristick's knowledge center.

You can either be connected to WiFi or 3G/4G/5G on your phone and the glasses will use the internet from your phone.


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