How to create custom step-by-step instructions

In-call step-by-step instructions helps you and your organization perform common tasks with consistency. You can use custom instructions or any of the pre-defined instructions sets in the admin portal.

Create custom instructions

Users with the role Domain admins can create custom step-by-step instructions in the XMReality admin portal. Each instruction set could be available either to one or more Teams. All Users have by default access to 25 pre-defined instruction sets (XMReality templates). Read more here about how it works for Users in calls.

S-b-S img - 4.1 – 1

1) Create your instruction set

You can either 1) Create new set or 2) Copy an existing intruction set. 

Version 1 – 4.

If you choose Create new set, you need to set Name of the instruction set, Description and for whom it should be available. The Name and Description is what the User will see when choosing an instruction set in or prior to a call.


Version 1 – 3

2) Create steps

Press Steps (1) to edit a step. Each step has a Headline, Position and Detailed instruction (visible to guide only). You can also choose to add Check boxes.

Headline - describing the main purpose of this step, for example "Identify machine and spare part number"

Position - which position the specific step has. You can move the step forward or backward, when you have added more steps.

Detailed instruction (visible for guide only) - this information will provide the guide more information on the task. Like capture photos and make notes.

Check boxes - these can be used to add different statuses like Passed / Failed / Passed with action.

3) Distribute your custom instructions

You can choose if the instructions set should be Available to everyone (Domain), only Admins, or specific Teams. You can choose several Teams to distribute the instruction set.

When publishing a custom instruction set for your domain, users will see the custom instruction set(s) in their app instead of the pre-defined templates. When publishing a custom instruction set for teams, users in those teams will see the custom instruction sets instead of the pre-defined templates. I.e. any user that has access to a custom instruction set will see only custom sets and not any pre-defined templates"

Version 1 – 2

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