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Bulk import XMReality users

You can use csv import/export to create or update XMReality users. Learn more in this article.

Domain admins can add or update users within the XMReality admin portal: https://portal.xmreality.com/

This is useful if there are many users that should be managed at a time.


Step-by-step instructions:

Login in to XMReality's admin portal and enter the > Users tab. In the left bar you find Import users (CSV) and Invite users (CSV).

The difference between Import and Invite is that Import users creates Users and the Domain admin will choose a default password. There won't be a notice for the users that an account is created. If you Invite users, all users will receive an email and being asked to activate their account themself and choose a password. 

Note: Invitations link to Active an XMReality account is disabled after 7 days. if the user do not active their account within this time frame, the invitation needs to be resent.