How to use the content sidebar

The new content sidebar gives a guide the ability to seamlessly move the guide session back and forth between live camera and makes XMReality a powerful guide tool.

What is the content sidebar?

The content bar turns XMReality into an even more powerful guide tool, enabling desktop users to easier guide their counterpart through complex operations. The content bar gives a guide the ability to seamlessly move the guide session back and forth between live camera feeds and different types of static content, such as snapshots, manuals or instructions.

How to use the feature

The desktop applications has an extra content bar on the right side. This sidebar can be used to toggle between different views such as live video and images. 

multiview - windows and mobile

Only the desktop user sees the content bar, the other participants in the call only see what is currently displayed in the main view. When the desktop user changes content, other call participants will automatically follow.

WGS with content bar

To add views to the content bar, the desktop user press the camera button below the camera tile to save a snapshot from the main view. An image can also be added into the content bar by pressing the image icon below the content bar. With content added to the sidebar the user can switch between items by selecting them. 

The top tile ("Stefan Karlsson") in the content sidebar toggles the live video from the other participant’s camera. If the remote user has disabled the camera he or she will be prompted to give access before the live feed is activated. Note: if the other participant is running an older version of XMReality, the camera tile will say “Remote camera not available”.

Watch a recording of the feature in XMReality below.

When is this feature useful?

The content bar makes it easier to guide someone through more complex operations by greatly reducing the steps needed to switch views. Being able to easily go back and forth between different steps makes it a good fit for non-linear workflows. The content bar and it's views can be used in many ways, for example to either go through a series of instructions or document each step of a procedure along the way.

As the person being guided doesn’t have to interact with his or her device to for example toggle live video a more undivided focus can be placed on following the instructions and solving the problem at hand. This can be especially useful when guiding a novice user or someone wearing Smart glasses, where device interaction can be cumbersome.

Note: The content bar is enabled on all desktop platforms for any user (ensure latest version)

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