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Product news & improvement change log

This article summarizes the product news & updates and releases on a high level.


  • Custom step-by-step instructions and new admin portal
    The new admin portal gives Domain admins a new user interface with updated design, look and feel. It also provides the Domain admins to create custom step-by-step instructions.
    Available in desktop application version: 7.7.2 or later.
  • Text annotations
    Text annotations (add text on still image and chose where it should be located) are now available in desktop applications.
  • Send call links as SMS
    Send Call links from XMReality mobile applications, using XMReality's SMS service provider.


  • Desktop Mac app
    A new Mac app for desktop users have been launched and is available in AppStore.


  • Outlook integration
    An Outlook add-in is published on Microsoft AppSource.

  • Step-by-step procedures and PDF documentation
    Version 7.4.5 in the desktop applications includes capabilities for step-by-step instructions and PDF documentation.


  • GuideCall as SMS sender name
    The SMS sent from XMReality will now use GuideCall as a new sender name. Few exceptions like US/Canada where +1... will still be sender number/name.
  • Scheduled calls
    Allows desktop users to schedule a call in addition to sharing call links for adhoc sessions. 
  • Larger groups in group calls
    Allows for up to 20 attendees in a group call.


  • In call Quick messages
    New feature for sharing quick messages from desktop app to web user.


  • New desktop application launched - native Windows application
    A brand new Windows application was added for use by any XMReality-user, which is available for download on Microsoft store and website.
  • New Android build 7.2.0 (428)
    Including UI improvements fro users with multiple audio devices.


  • Web Guide Station improvements
    Now hosted in a way that will make it faster for people around the globe to load and use.
    The set up for monitoring and alarms is improved. Link to admin portal and Knowledge center added.
  • New Conference server
    The new conference server (Janus) is improving the call quality for group calls. and is part of modernization of the back-end.
  • Smartglasses
    Screenshot and recording available on smart glasses.
  • Teams integration for new product plans
    The Teams integration has now been updated to support new product plans (Professional and Professional Plus).
  • Android app improvement - build 7.1.0-1 (427)
    Added license type under Profile and link to knowledge center.


  • Web Guide Station improvements:
    Containing dark mode improvements and allow using Samsung built-in browser. Additionally, branding added for XMReality users in the browser application.


  • Vuzix glasses
    XMReality added into Vuzix app store.


  • Multiview:
    Turn your desktop into a powerful guide station by using this new feature available on the Windows client

  • Web Guide Station:
    Improvements to the browser based application makes it even easier to get started using the desktop. Now includes add & view contacts, report issue in app.


  • Salesforce integration:
    Service agents and field technicians working in Salesforce can now easily set up XMReality Remote Guidance calls with customers to solve their problems faster.
  • XMReality on HoloLens 2:
    XMReality is now supporting HoloLens 2, allowing us to be present on the user’s choice of device as well as extending and advancing our use cases
  • Teams integration:
    Share XMReality Call link within Microsoft Teams chat.
  • Show recording on Mobile phones:
    Use guiding features on recordings when supporting your counterpart from your mobile application