What is XMReality branding?

XMReality offers the possibility to brand the tool, which means you can use your logo and colors to ensure a professional look for your customers and users. Learn more below.

Why is branding valuable?

XMReality branding package allows you do to expose your logo and colors but also customize texts and links when sending a call link to another person such as your customers. This gives a professional look and makes your customers feel secure and confident to click a link.

From a liability perspective, this is also a great way to add information about your terms & conditions that applies for the remote guidance session.


What's included?

The branding package adds a customized look & feel for both your XMReality users but also external people, connecting to a call throughout a web call.

When sending a call link to a customer, XMReality's branding package allows you to use your logo and colors in pre- and post-calls screens. You can also add customized links before and after a call for example to your terms & conditions, a post-call satisfaction survey to collect valuable information.

Default screens for web calls without branding

default pre- and post-call screen

Web client branding with pre- and post-call screen.
XMReality logo and example branded screen

Your XMReality users will also get a customized look when using the desktop applications.