Check your app version on RealWear glasses

Make sure you are using the latest version for best user experience! Learn more about how you can check what app version you are using.

You can manage applications on RealWear glasses either via Foresight (an MDM system for easier global management) or via the app directly by using RealWear Explorer.

Foresight is an MDM that allows you to update applications on several glasses remotely at a time, which is very useful if your glasses are spread out widely.

If you don't have access to Foresight, you can also manage the app version quickly via RealWear Explorer.

Step-by-step: How to check app version used on the RealWear's

1. Starting XMReality on your RealWear's:

  • Go into Programs menu by saying “My programs” while having the RealWear headset mounted on your head
  • Find XMReality to the far right and say “XMReality 6” to open the app

2. Open settings

  • Say "More" to open the Menu
  • Say "Settings" to see the version applicable on your device on item 5 (under Licenses ) in a format like 7.x.x (4XX)

3. Find the latest XMReality available 

  • On our download page we list all latest applications
  • Make sure to use the latest application to take part of product news