1. Admin & IT

Analytics and statistics

The administration portal allows you to analyze statistics for calls made, filtered on users, teams or time periods. But also exporting call logs.

In the Admin portal you can see statistics and access call logs.


In the Statistics tab, you can see how many enabled users you have compared to how many your licensing allows. You can also see the number of Teams, Active and available licenses, calls made and more for the total period.

You can also choose to filter statistics based on Users, Teams or License type and the data below will reflect these filters.

Artboard – 13


The Domain concept

The Domain is your organization’s space within XMReality. Every XMReality user belongs to a Domain. As a Domain Administrator, you can manage the users within your Domain, and overview how much the system is used. 


Call logs

The log shows the calls made, users involved, and time stamp. This log can be exported in CSV format. You can also search for a specific user or time period.

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