Administration portal

The user administration portal is available for Domain admins using Enterprise and Professional Plus. But what capabilities exist in the admin portal?

In the XMReality admin portal Domain admins can manage: Users, Teams and Domain settings but also analyzing statistics. Only Domain admins have access for the Admin portal.

Clicking the account button to the right allows you to change your account settings.

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User management

In the User tab in the portal, you can manage users; invite new users, change user settings, etc.

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Team management

In the Teams tab in the portal, you can manage Teams; create new teams, add/remove users from teams or create import/experts. Teams in XMReality is nearly the same as a contact list for users. People can exist in more than one team, and the Users will get a pre-populated contact list in the XMReality app based on the teams it's part of.

Another benefit of split users into different Teams, is that you as a Domain admin can filter statistics based on Teams.

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In the instructions tab, you can add custom instruction sets (step-by-step in call procedures).

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In the Statistics tab, you can manage & analyze statistics; see active users, number of calls made during specific time periods or by specific users, or export call logs.

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In the Logs tab you can see call history and filter on chosen time periods. You can also export the call log.

Domain settings

In Domain settings you can adjust the default invitation email sent to Users, when creating an XMReality account. Note that this is not the same as the SMS text used when sending a call link.

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Link to Administration portal

Follow this link below to go to the Administration portal: